Top 5 Hospitals in America


(1) Mayo Clinic 

(2) Cleveland Clinic

(3) Johns Hopkins Hospital

(4) Massachusetts General Hospital

(5) Cleveland, 

Ohio Since the United States boasts a diverse and innovative healthcare system, many hospitals stand out as epitoms of excellence. Top five hospitals in America, 

First:- Mayo Clinic Mayo Clinic biggest revenue hospital in America Mayo Clinic 2022 revenue almost $16 billion Mayo Clinic (Mayo) is a not-for-profit medical practice and medical research organization. It provides comprehensive medical facilities and programs related to the patient care services, clinical services, research and medical education. Mayo offers specialized medical care with medical departments and centers in most of the key disease categories and health disorders.


Second:- Cleveland Clinic Largest Hospital in America Almost $11 billion Cleveland Clinic's commitment to excellence in patient outcomes and care Special modern treatments and medical services Focus on research, innovation and medical education.